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Same-same but different: A refresh for H&D

If you haven’t yet noticed, Häss&DAS Brand Factory with bunny etching to match has recently metamorphosed into Haas&DAS Communications; that with a more intentional, market-driven look and feel that has gently retired the well-loved bunny to the archives.

It’s been nearly four years since H&D’s inception and, naturally, the brand has since been shaped by the clients we serve, the markets with which we help them to engage and maybe just a little bit of personal development as well. Change is good when the time is right – and now it is.

With a background in construction trade publishing and nearly four years of serving clients in the construction, mining, and industrial sectors in a public relations capacity, we felt it was time to sharpen up the look and feel of the brand to demonstrate very clearly who it is we serve and how. This was an important exercise in getting back to the core of our evolved identity and to help existing and potential clients in these sectors feel even more at home with H&D as the communications agency to tell their story.

We decided to go with a few small, yet key changes that would make a big difference instead of an entire overhaul for the same effect. This included streamlining the company name, logo redesign as well as website and social media updates. Overall the refresh aims for a simpler, more accessible brand and a more pointed reference to what we do.

We’ve opted for a clean, yet bold design with a burst of construction orange as a nod to the sectors we serve and a salute to the high visibility of the heavy equipment and machinery that get the job done – just like we do.

We hope you like it and welcome your comments and feedback! Please feel free to mail us on hello@hassndas.co.za. We’d love to hear from you!

Coming soon: To rebrand or not to rebrand – ‘When?’ is the question.